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Wybrane artykuły

Mieczysław Tomaszewski: Chopin and his music in literature; 2016, nr 29

Ewa Sławińska-Dahlig: The Heritage of Chopin. A new book on the Valldemossa collection; 2016, nr 29

Zbigniew Skowron: A new Polish translation of George Sand's "L'Histoire de ma vie": A few remarks from the translator; 2016, nr 29

James Methuen-Campbell:  What can we learn of an authentic Chopin style from the discs of pianists who studied with pupils of the composers?; 2015, nr 28

Irena Poniatowska:  Was Chopin an emigrant; 2015, nr 28

Ludwik Bielawski: The origins of mazurka rythms; 2014, nr 27

Bożena Weber: Chopin and the Kolberg family; 2014, nr 27

J.-J. Eigeldinger: Chopin's salons in Paris; 2013, nr 26

Pierre Goy: Kessler—dans le circle amical de Chopin; 2013, nr 26

Jim Samson: The Ballades; 2012, nr 25

Sophie Ruhlmann: Un dessin inconnu du square d'Orléans à Paris; 2012, nr 25

Anna Brożek: On Chopin's Aesthetics;  2012, nr 25

Joanna Grotkowska: Chopin's influence on 20th century music; 2012, nr 25

Rosa Capllonch Ferrà: Travel as generator of musical and literary creation; 2011, nr 24

Irena Poniatowska: Chopin and Liszt; 2011, nr 24

Bruno Moysan: Liszt, l'artiste romantique at le politique; 2011, nr 24

Irena Poniatowska:  Chopin in different cultures; 2010, nr 23

Stanisław Dybowski:  International Chopin Competitions—a musical phenomenon; 2010, nr 23

Józef Kański: A gallery of great Chopin performers and their major recordings; 2009, nr 22

Mieczysław Tomaszewski:  Chopin, Schumann and others: a constellation of romantic artist; 2009, nr 22

Jan Ekier:  On questions relating to the chronology of Chopin's works. Methods. A few examples concerning compositions from the last period. 2008, nr 21

Helena Hryszczyńska: Schubert—Nourrit—Chopin; 2008, nr 21

Adam Sławiński: Karol Szymanowski ; 2007, nr 20

Józef Kański: Artur Rubinstein (1887—1982). Memories on a great artist and his extraordinary art (artykuł w wersji angielskiej i francuskiej); 2007, nr 20

Irena Poniatowska: Mozart—Chopin ; 2006, nr 19

Zbigniew Skowron: Chopin in Germany (artykuł w wersji angielskiej i niemieckiej); 2006, nr 19

Jeffrey Kallberg: Con duolo: On Chopin's Soul ; 2004/2005, nr 18

Jens A. Jorgensen: On the trail of Mazurka in A-flat, opus 24, no 3 ; 2004/2005, nr 18

Lidia Kozubek: The Art of Michelangeli's Performance and Playing Style ; 2004/2005, nr 18

Natalia Dymarska: On Chopin's Creative Process in the Waltzes, Op. 64 ; 2004/2005, nr 18

Daniele Pistone: Frédéric Chopin dans la France musicale d'aujourd'hui ; 2003, nr 17

Józef Kański: Liens polono-français relatifs a la pianistique ; 2003, nr 17

Zbigniew Skowron: Chopin et George Sand, histoire d'un couple extraordinaire ; 2003, nr 17

Mieczysław Tomaszewski: Nodal Points in the Life of an Artist. A Reconnaissance. ; 2002, nr 16

Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger: Discours de réponse pour le Prix 2001 de la Fondation Fryderyk Chopin, Varsovie ; 2002, nr 16

Wojciech Nowik: Chopin's "Caresses" with Mickiewicz's Little Fondling ; 2002, nr 16