International Federation of Chopin Societies Member of The UNESCO's International Music Council

About the Federation

The International Federation of Chopin Societies is an international organization constituted as a federation of associations, established in 1985 in Żelazowa Wola. Since 1989 the Federation has been a member of the UNESCO International Music Council.

Aims of the Federation:

  • dissemination and expansion of knowledge about Fryderyk Chopin and his artistic works
  • popularization of Chopin's works in member countries of the Federation and worldwide
  • support for international artistic and scholarly endeavours related to Fryderyk Chopin
  • creating conditions for active participation in music and cultural life in which people from different cultures may achieve better mutual understanding through the medium of music

The Federation achieves its Aims through:

  • organization of concerts, festivals, competitions, exhibitions, lectures, seminars and conferences
  • international exchanges of artists and scholars
  • promotion of young pianists
  • active participation in musical events related to Fryderyk Chopin


The Board of the Federation is elected by the General Assembly for a five-year term.

In 2015 the following Board was elected:

President: Theodor Kanitzer (Austria—Vienna)
Vice-Presidents: Sookie Schober (Germany—Hannover)
Antoine Paszkiewicz (France—Paris)
General Secretary: Elżbieta Artysz (Poland—Polska Akademia Chopinowska)
Treasurer: Andrzej Merkur (Poland—Duszniki)
Members of the Board: Alejandra Catro (Chile)
Rosa C. Ferra (Spain—Valdemossa)
Horoyuki Takashima (Japan Festival)
Kazimierz Gierżod (Poland—TiFC)
Jadwiga Gewert (USA—Miami)

Membership fee per year:

300 €

Periodical of the Federation:

"Chopin in the World"—yearbook in English (also including selected articles in French and German).